i am badbadbad at blogging. because of all of the self-imposed duty-shirking, i’ve probably lost a good portion of my writing vocabulary, not to mention my writing “voice” (as it were). but…i guess i gotta jump into the pool sometime, right?

so the question becomes: do i write a post about the things that have happened in my life in the last year or so? (and by “things” i mean the 5-10 most significant things, as a helluva lot’s happened in the last year or so and i really don’t have that kind of time. sorry.) OR: do i just write a post about something i’ve been pondering?

i think i’ll just do both.

a few big things that have happened in the last year: my sister’s gotten married (finally!). i was the maid of honor and ducked when she threw the bouquet at the reception (i was one of three women on the floor and it was heading straight for me, OKAY?). i lost 50 pounds by eating a helluva lot less and exercising more. i still have about 25 pounds to go before i’ll be satisfied, but holy hell i feel much better about myself and damn, i really missed my figure. i moved out of my now-brother-in-law’s house and right into my own parents’ home. i would like to point out here that it’s fabulous fun telling people that you’re a 30-something living with your parents, and that the main reason is because of student loans you’re paying for a degree that you don’t have. i may be the biggest loser (and not necessarily in the weight sense) on the east side of cincinnati, but i have a job and coworkers that i love, and awesome friends (kate and jenn) who let me crash at theirs when i get too drunk to drive back to B.F.E., so it’s not all bad. said friends also have very cool cats who like to hang out on the spare bed when i stay over, so that’s cool too. (also, to be fair, i’m getting my financials sorted and should hopefully be moved out in the next month or two.)

i decided to try getting back into the dating game last november, and it was a shockingly abysmal failure. objectively speaking i can say that there was probably 20% of it that had to do with me, and the remaining 80% because the guys were, well, douchebags. (no offense to actual douchebags meant.) just one eensy example: one of the guys stood me up and then gave me the excuse that he put on his own facebook wall (we were facebook friends) that he was sick – 5 days before our date – and that i should have gleaned that he wouldn’t be showing up for the date because of that. *facepalm* i did say we were facebook friends, right? so after the third douchebag, i ran screaming for the hills and decided to lie low for awhile. then i met a friend of a friend at a party a few weeks ago (who, i’m happy to report, is NOT a douchebag), and we really hit it off. i certainly didn’t see THAT coming, and i’m pleasantly surprised about it. and that is all i will say about him at this juncture. more info forthcoming if ensuing dates are as successful as the first few. we’ll see.

RIGHT. onto pondering things….

…and dammit, facebook is being all wonky and i can’t get into my facebook messages. one of the things that i wanted to blog about was in a message i got today from lynne. grr.

— one hour later —

nope. still not working. *kicks facebook*

i’m going to bed.

g’night. (or “g’mornin'” for those across the pond.)

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3 Responses to must…start…blogging….

  1. Lynne says:

    Not me, shirley? ;-D

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